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Asics Gel Volleyball Shoes Review

The review for Asics Gel volleyball shoes will cover how well this shoe performs on the court. I was in fact very impressed with this shoe. The Asics volleyball shoe for men and women are both very good quality shoes.

Asics Gel Volleyball ShoesThe main feature of the Asics Gel shoe is the gel technology that is used. The gel system consists of a gel cushioning system that is in the shoe. This cushioning system reduces impact shock on the foot during landing impact, and also on take-off. 

This is key for me as a volleyball player. I play middle blocker and I am frequently jumping to hit and to block. Anything that I can use to reduce the wear and tear on my feet is a good thing. These shoes will produce a noticeable difference during a long match.

The shoes are also made from lightweight fabric. I have played with other volleyball shoes that I liked, but the longer the match went on, the more it felt like I was trying to jump with bricks attached to my feet. These shoes feel like running shoes and are very light.

The mesh fabric also allows for the foot to breathe and your feet will not get as hot with these shoes.

With the type of rubber sole of the shoe, traction on the court was very easy. You will not find it hard to move around.

My feedback on the Asics Gel volleyball shoe is that it is lightweight, traction is great, and it reduces the impact on the foot. For me, that is everything that I look for in a shoe.

If you want to pick up these shoes, you can get them from here:

ASICS Women’s GEL Volleyball Shoes

ASICS Men’s GEL Volleyball Shoes

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