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Asics Knee Pads Reviews

Asics knee pads are one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to volleyball knee pads. As a result, there are several different types of Asics volleyball knee pads to choose from.

Asics Knee Pads

When it comes to the knee pads that they offer, there are really three different versions. The main thing that changes between what they offer (prices change too of course) is the amount of padding that is used and what type of padding it is.

Depending on your level of play (casual vs. competitive) you may choose one over another. Also, if you are the type of player that passes a lot and are on your knees a lot, you may want to invest (it is only a few dollars more) in one of the upper level knee pads.

My review of their knee pads will start at the base level and go up.

Best Top Level Knee Pad

If you want to skip ahead and get the best protection you can get, the Asics Competition 3.0G is the one for you.

Lowest Level Knee Pads

There really isn't a whole lot to review. The base level offers full coverage, low profile, and a memory foam for the knees. They are also latex free in case you have any kind of allergies to latex.

If this is what you are looking for, you can pick it up from here: ASICS International Volleyball Knee Pads

Mid Level Knee Pads

The next level up is the Asics 2.0 Competition Level knee pads. They are a step above the others. They offer:

  • Ultra-low profile
  • Kinetofoam pad
  • Latex free

The kinetofoam pad offers additional cushioning and padding for the knee. It is also more durable and would be suitable for competition level and frequent use. also offers it here: ASICS Competition 2.0G Volleyball Knee Pads

Upper Level Knee Pads

The best Asics knee pads out there are the Asics Competition 3.0G knee pads. The pads have:

  • Gel cushioning system
  • Ortholite pads
  • Kintetofoam pads
  • Latex free

If your knees take a beating and you want to offer them the best protection, I would go this route. It is only a few dollars more to get the best protection for your knees that you can get.

You can order your pair here:ASICS Competition 3.0G Volleyball Knee Pads



Budget Knee Pad

  • Base Level
  • Full Coverage

Asics 3.0G

Best Knee Pad

  • Gel cushioning
  • Ortholite pads
  • Kinetofoam pad
  • Latex Free

Asics 2.0

Second Best

  • Low Profile
  • Kinetofoam pad
  • Latex Free

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