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Athletic Insoles Reviewed – Do They Help?

I have always wondered if athletic insoles would provide any kind of benefit to a volleyball player. That is why I wanted to take some time to review them for the benefit of all.

Athletic InsolesThese Dr. Scholl’s sports insoles are among the best I could find for athletics. What makes them useful?

As a volleyball player, you are constantly moving, jumping, and sustaining a lot of impact on your feet. You will also notice that many of the best volleyball shoes contain insoles in the shoes that are designed to comfort the foot and reduce the stress of impact on the feet. Some of these insole systems are not as effective as these insoles.

So, how do these insoles fill the gap that some shoes fail to deliver on? Quite well honestly…

These gel inserts work to cushion the foot and provide support to your arches. Many people reported added comfort to their feet, reduced impact and stress on their lower body, and the massaging gel cushioned their feet.

I play middle blocker and I noticed a big difference with my insoles on the impact my feet and legs would sustain from a normal practice of jumping a lot.

You can pick them up from here: Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Sport Insoles

I highly recommend these insoles as I believe it is a perfect way to take care of your feet and legs on the court. Volleyball is a high impact sport and these volleyball insoles will make a huge difference in your performance.

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