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Use These Basic Volleyball Drills To Warm Up And Get Ready To Play!

Here are some basic volleyball drills that can be done. The main purpose behind these drills is to warm up the body, and get ready to play or practice. These basic volleyball drills work best at the beginning of practice, or before the start of a match.


During each drill, I will show you the key points, how to do the drill, video or diagrams, and the main points. This can be a valuable resource for coaches or players who are just starting.

Let’s get to the drills…

Pass and Run Drill

During this drill, players will form lines across from each other. When they are at the front of the line, they will pass the ball to the other side of the line and then go to the end of that line. This drill works best with five or more players.

If there are too many players in one line, then they will not be active enough and warming up their muscles.

Key Points: This is to warm up. Make sure you stretch before you start doing any of the drills. Pulled muscles are not a good thing. Even though this is to warm up, don’t get sloppy. Use the same passing fundamentals that you learned in the techniques section of the site. Practice doing it the right way.

There is a second variation of this drill where you can have the lines setting the ball instead of passing it.

Here is a video of this drill being done:

Two Player Pepper

Of all basic volleyball drills, this is the most common and simple to do. Two players will face each other from 10-15 feet away from each other. As they are facing each other, they are going to practice three hit volleyball.

So, the main point is to learn to bump (pass), set, and spike. One player will pass it to the other, that player will set it, and then the other player will spike it at the other player. This cycle will continue until they are warmed up.

This drill is to warm up and practice all of the basics of volleyball. In this one simple drill, players will practice passing, setting, hitting, and digging.

Key Points: Remember that our purpose here is to warm up. When hitting at each other, it is best to start with slow controlled hits. As you both get warmed up, you can start progressively hitting harder. Do not sacrifice control just to hit hard. Our purpose here isn’t to hit the other player. It is to work on the basics.

Here is a video of people peppering:

Butterfly Drill

In order to do this basic volleyball drill, you will need both sides of the court. It is great to do at practice to move around and get the blood flowing.

As this drill is a little difficult to describe, I am going to include a diagram to show how this drill flows. Here is the diagram:

Diagram of Butterfly Volleyball Drill

Position one is going to serve to two. Position two is going to pass the ball to position three. Position three is going to catch the ball and run to position four to serve the ball. Positions four through six work the same as one through three.

After the person has served, position one will run to position two, two will go to three, and three will go to four. Four through six works the same way on the other side of the court. The drill works best if there is line of extra people split up between position one and four.

Key Points: This basic volleyball drill focuses on warming up the muscles, and working on passing and serving. A great drill to warm up.

Any drill can be turned into a fun volleyball drill. What can you do to make them more interesting for your practices?

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