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Beach Volleyball Drills – Skills to Win

These beach volleyball drills will help you improve your game and be a better player. When it comes to beach volleyball, the skills are a little bit different than those that are needed on the indoor game.


These drills will help you develop the skills pertinent to the outdoor game. If there are indoor skills that you want to improve, then check out these volleyball drills. There are drills for setting, blocking, passing, and more.

Now, on to the drills.

Beach Volleyball Drills

Setting Drill

This drill focuses on practicing to move to the ball being prepared to set the ball. Get used to having the ball come out cleanly and moving to the ball with your hands ready to receive it for the set.

Defense Drill

This drill focuses on teaching people how to play defense on the beach. Beach volleyball defense is much different than indoor since there are only two people. This drill will help you maximize your defensive coverage with just two people.

Court Vision Drill

This last drill focuses on helping you see where the defense is as you are hitting the ball. This is an important skill to develop so that you can read the defense as you are hitting and make the correct play.

I hope these volleyball drills will help you develop as a player on the beach.

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