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Beach Volleyball Net Reviewed

A beach volleyball net should be an important part of your outdoor volleyball equipment. Take a look at this net:

Beach Volleyball NetThis net is designed specifically for outdoor use.  It would be a great net to use at the beach, while camping, or playing at a park.

While I was learning how to play volleyball, my friends and I would go to a local park to play. The park did not have nets, so you had to bring your own. We used a similar net as this one and we had some great matches.

One of the best things about this heavy duty net is that it has been treated and can withstand any kind of weather. I have seen where some rain has ruined a volleyball net because they couldn’t take it down fast enough. With a net like this, it will no longer be a worry.

There is a heavy duty cable at the top and having your net on a cable will make it easy to center the net. Even with the heavy duty cable, I highly recommend taking some bungy cords with you that have hooks at the end of them. It will allow you to make the net as tight as possible so that you are able to play balls out of the net much easier. Playing with a loose net is no fun and can be very frustrating.

This net is very reasonably priced and will provide many hours of fun play. Plus, I really like the color. Sometimes, it is nice to have a different colored net than the plan old, boring white net.

You can pick it up here from Halex Outdoor Volleyball Net – Heavy Duty

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