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Play Beach Volleyball

by Dave
(Bar Harbor, Maine)

I decided to play beach volleyball with some friends. I don’t consider myself a great player but volleyball is still very fun. The games were competitive and intense. So intense in fact that we actually drew a crowd! The score was so close the whole game. Well, I wasn’t paying attention and took the ball to the face, hard!

Everyone including me laughed, it happens. Next shot I tried to save it and lobbed it up. The other team spiked it right on my cheek, HARD!! Not as funny the second time around, especially because it was right after the first. Whatever. The next shot I thought I had them with a nice shot but it was dug and rebounded very quickly. You’ll never guess where it went… It hit me square in the face, busting my already fragile glasses. I couldn’t believe it. I mean what are the odds! To sum it up, I am not in a hurry to play beach volleyball any time soon.

Tryout For The Volleyball Team

by Gaylen


So…I am not such an expert at sports. I was never the tomboy type. I was perfectly happy with wearing fluffy dresses, makeup, and having my hair perfect. Well it was my senior year, and I decided that I wanted to at least try one sport before I graduated. I had a feeling that this would be an interesting story to tell my kids one day, and it sure will be. My best friend and I decided that we would go out for the volleyball team. When we first got out there, I was surprised at how tall some of the girls were. I did not have a clue about the rules of the game; I just knew that the main objective was to hit the ball over the net. The coach gave us a few routines to try, and of course I was horrible at most of them. The first time I tried to hit the ball with my arm, I missed the ball completely! I was totally embarrassed. I thought this would be fairly easy. Next we had to try and jump up and spike the ball over the net. Being my graceful self, I jumped up and slapped the ball right back to my best friend’s face. Obviously, this was not going the way we anticipated it to go. After barely making it through some other exercises, the coach pulled out the girls who he knew would be on the team. Everyone made it but me. My friend even made it. My face was flushed! After an awkward silence, the coach and everyone else started laughing. Something was going on that everyone knew about except for me. It was all a joke. They gave me a soccer ball to play with, and they made the net higher than it was supposed to be. I was furious! Eventually we all started laughing. Just to show my “anger,” I hit the real volleyball hard to the other side of the gym. The next thing I know, I am all on the floor with a major headache. Supposedly my best friend hit the ball back and it whacked me right in the head. My kids will definitely get a kick out of this story. Hopefully by then the bump will be gone!

Drinking and Volleyball

by Paul
(Austin, Texas)

Every year, in the Spring, we had a picnic party with games. It was meant to signal the end of the year for officials and staff members in Intramurals. We played softball, football, and other sports with the folks we worked with all year before summer hit and everybody scattered.

Well, we set up the volleyball nets outside to play a huge game of volleyball. Since this is a large group of college students, there was a bit of drinking by all participants. One person in particular, Ryan, was actually quite wasted. He insisted on playing volleyball. They game was just for fun, yet it had a competitive spirit. It was a tight game that ended up coming down to the final point. This was also the last event of the night before the big party started at a senior’s apartment. On the final play, Ryan is hanging around the edge of the court, which was marked with rope. While we are volleying the ball back and forth, trying to win, Ryan gets his foot tangled in the rope. While trying to undo himself, he gets the rope tangled around his foot even more as well as one of the poles holding the net. He gives it a final big yank, trying to free his foot, when the poll starts to come down. It comes down right on the back of Ryan’s head causing a huge gash. We finally did get him to the emergency room where he spent the whole night detoxing and getting 27 stitches.

Volleyball – Using Your Head

by Phil
(Oswego, IL)

In my senior year of high school I had to play volleyball during our gym class. No one was really that excited about it, each side had nine players. There was one exception, a guy named Andy, who was very excited to play. So envision a big gym with a volleyball net right in the middle of the room with 17 slow moving, slacker kids and one very excited kid. Whenever the ball went to Andy’s side he returned it with really good form and force. Andy also kept running in front of his own players to return the ball. It was basically Andy vs the other team. His team was winning substantially all because of him, and the fact that the other side just didn’t care that much and weren’t trying very hard. Finally the gym teacher got tired of watching the one side (Andy’s side) running up the score. The teacher complained at Andy to stop running in front of his team members and to let them return the ball. He obeyed only for a bit and then returned to racing around and slamming the ball back over the net. The teacher got angry and told Andy to just stay in his space no matter what. Andy protested at this, and refused to play at this point. Andy at this point was standing in the center of his team. He folded his arms, started whining like a baby and announced that he was not going to participate now, since he couldn’t play in his frantic way. Immediately after going into his “on strike” mode, the ball just happened to be served right at him. He didn’t unfold his arms and instead “headed” the ball (as if it were a soccer game) and the ball flew over the net with a strong arc. What made this all the more funny was that he barely even moved his body at all, just put his head down into the ball really. Two players on the other side actually tried to dig out the ball (who knows why they tried now) but both missed, going into the hardwood. The teacher was disgusted that not only had he “gone on strike” but that he still managed to beat the other side even when he didn’t care.

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