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Beach Volleyball Tips

Usually, the difference between the first place team and the second place team is a very small margin. With that thought in mind, these beach volleyball tips could be the difference between winning and losing.


Beach Volleyball Tips

Communication is key! This communication comes in many different forms. It comes in making sure that you are calling out who is going to be passing the ball on the serve receive. That is one of the easiest ways to lose a point. It comes in the form of letting your partner know if you are going to be blocking the ball, the line, or the angle. You must communicate well to put yourself ahead of the competition.

Beach Volleyball TipsThe communication also comes in how well you listen to your partner. When you are hitting, they should be calling out where to hit. They should also be calling out the balls that they are going to play. Remember that communication is more than just talking; it also requires listening.

When blocking on the left side, line up your left hand with the ball. Do the same with players on the right hand side with your right hand. It will make sure that your hands are in proper position for blocking.

If you are playing against someone that is tall, you can serve the ball to them short. This will help take away their hitting approach.

One of my favorite beach volleyball tips is to analyze the other team. Usually, there is one player that is a better hitter out of the two. Serve the ball to the person that is the worst hitter so that you it is easier to play defense and dig the ball.

The same idea goes for the worst passer. If you notice that someone is either a bad passer or they are just having an off day, keep serving them the ball. This will force them to make a good pass in order to beat you.

When you are preparing to dig the ball, there are a few things to focus on. First of all, stay on your toes so that you can make a quick move to the ball. Second, watch the shoulder of the hitter. They will hit the ball with whatever direction they line up their shoulder with. Lastly, listen to where their partner says to hit the ball. This will increase the likelihood of being at the right place at the right time to dig the ball.

If you want some more beach volleyball tips, I highly recommend this book by Karch Kiraly. Beach volleyball is really considered the “bible” of beach volleyball. Not only does he talk about the big picture of being a champion, but there is also a lot of tactical, “how-to” information as well. It is easily one of the best volleyball books available. You can get it from here: Beach Volleyball

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