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Candid Volleyball Situations – Some Of Them Can Be Very Humorous

I have been part of candid volleyball moments. When you spend a lot of time playing volleyball, it is inevitable for some funny things to happen. Although this really has nothing to do with volleyball training; it has everything to do with life and finding some funny moments.


There have been so many moments that bring a smile to my face as I think about it. I remember the countless times I would go up for a block and spread my hands too far apart. Of course, the hitter would look for the opening in the block and would bounce it off of my head.

Candid VolleyballThere were times that ball would bounce off of my head and hit the ceiling. Maybe that is why I am starting to suffer some short-term memory loss. On a couple of occasions, I remember the ball actually going off of my head and still landing on their side of the court. Nothing like scoring a point with your head!

I remember playing in a beach volleyball league and needing a point during the championship match. It was a really close game and we were down one point. I decided to do a jump serve so that they would have a harder serve to pass. I tossed the ball, took a few steps, and jumped to swing at the ball. To this day, I still do not know what happened, but I hit the ball wrong and I launched the ball like a satellite in orbit. That candid volleyball moment ended up costing us first place, but it is funny in retrospect.

I used to play a lot of co-ed volleyball and there were quite a few men and women that were not very good volleyball players. I remember several times where myself or other players would go up for a spike and they would literally run off of the court in fear.

One of the best candid volleyball memories of mine was a game of volleyball in my backyard. My friend from high school and I were playing against my brother and my mother. My mom dinked a ball over the net and started to talk about how she spiked on me. I am really competitive and so my blood started boiling.

On the next play, my friend game me a perfect set and I crushed the ball. It bounced off of my mom’s head. She spun around in a full circle and fell over. I remember watching Loony Toons as a kid and seeing many of the characters having stars going around their heads. This was the first time I have ever seen that in real life.

I felt terrible then, but now that it is over, we frequently talk of that experience when we gather as a family and it is always good for a laugh.

These are a few of my experiences that bring some volleyball humor to the table. What are some of your stories?

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