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> tornado by kamohelo kubeka ignitius (cornelia free state) I started playing volleyball last year. The majority of my team mates are matriculans and there are only two boys which are 15yrs old and it seems as if my team will end by the year 2011. Many girls have quit playing volleyball actually there are […]

Erin Gray I didn’t know Erin until 3 weeks ago. I have a 14 year old daughter who is in club volleyball..middle hitter and is taking private hitting lessons with Erin at the local park district. She has an impressive background and is still playing pro beach volleyball in her 30’s. But what I like […]

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Average Rating Jan 20, 2010 Rating Funny Volleyball Story by: Kevin I have heard of a lot of people being hit in the face once, maybe twice, but not three times in a row with your glasses breaking the last time. That is quite the story. Thanks for sharing! Return to Play Beach Volleyball

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Average Rating Nov 02, 2009 Rating Thanks! by: Kevin That is a great story and I also think it is rare for one player to take over a team game. It sounds like it was a great experience and thanks for sharing with our readers. Kevin Return to Dominating Performance

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Average Rating Nov 03, 2010 Rating same here by: Melisa I know what you mean My school has mostly short players but we also have medium sized and tall. I am one of the tall people but most of our passing comes from the shortest people. They are the team. without them we wouldn’t get […]

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