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Best Funny Volleyball T-Shirts

Funny volleyball t-shirts are the best. I always laugh when I see a good one. For me, the best volleyball t-shirts are those that show a little attitude, humor, and style. I have found some of my favorites and I wanted to pass them on to you! > Volleyball Chick T-Shirt The volleyball chick t-shirt […]

A Volleyball Quote – Find One That Speaks To You

A volleyball quote can help players find the motivation and drive they need to be successful on the volleyball court. I have assembled some quotes for volleyball players that I have accumulated over the years. Some of these quotes are made by volleyball players and others are done by athletes or coaches from other sports. […]

The Top Quotes About Sports

I thought I would add some more quotes about sports. I love sports quotes because of the way that they inspire me, motivate me, and make me laugh. If your favorite sports quote is not listed, use the form at the bottom of the page to add it. Top Quotes About Sports Sports is human […]

Great Sports Quotes – A Source of Inspiration and Motivation

These great sports quotes have been assembled from all kinds of sources. Some of them are sports quotes from athletes, some of them from coaches, and some of them will be from famous people outside of sports. The famous quotes from sports figures you find here will help lift your game and spirits to a […]

Funny Volleyball Quotes – Relax and Enjoy!

These funny volleyball quotes should put a smile on your face. If you need to take a break and find some enjoyment, these should do the trick. There were times after a hard practice or a tough loss in a match that I needed to find something that would lift my spirits and make me […]

The History Behind Volleyball

Why is it important to know the history behind volleyball? You may have heard the saying “In order to know where you are going, you have to know where you have been.” This is true with the sport of volleyball. You should know a little bit of volleyball history. History Behind Volleyball So where did […]

Volleyball Scholarships Made Easy!

Sometimes, the process for earning volleyball scholarships can be very confusing. I wanted to outline the process and steps that parents and athletes can take to increase their chance of playing college volleyball. Volleyball can be a great option to pay for your college education. The first thing you must understand is that there are […]

The longest beach volleyball match- Guinness World Record

by Wojtek (Bogatynia, Poland) The longest beach volleyball match took place in Goerlizt (town on the Polish-German border). Poland was represented by team B (I and Tomek both are Polish) and Germany was represented by team A (Sebastian from Germany and Mateusz from Poland). It was great challenging because we had to play at least […]

Volleyball Books Reviewed For You

There are a lot of volleyball books out there. Which ones are worth your hard-earned money and which are not? That is the whole point of this section on the website. Maybe your experience has been like mine. You have seen some books that were amazing and had wonderful information that helped you develop as […]

Volleyball Quotes – For Motivation, Inspiration, and Laughter…

Volleyball quotes can serve as inspiration, as motivation, or can make you laugh. This section of the website is dedicated to all sorts of quotes on volleyball. I love quotes. I have always found them very helpful. Not only have they inspired me to achieve more, but they have taught me lessons that other athletes […]

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