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What Is Your Passing Points Score For Your Offense?

This passing points system is a very efficient way to understand how well your offense is running. Many times, people think that if the ball s passed to the general area of the setter, that the offense is running well. By using this system, hopefully you will have a better understanding of how the offense […]

The 5 1 Offense Revealed With Tips and Strategies

Run a 5 1 offense by following this guide. This is the offense that I know the most about and that I prefer. All of the really good teams that I have been a part of, had one great setter. So running a 6 2 offense or a 4 2 offense never made sense for our […]

The 6 2 Offense Revealed With Tips and Strategies

Is the 6 2 offense right for you and your team? After the description of the offense and how it works, I will also give some tips on how to use this to your advantage. The offense is where there are six hitters and two setters. By having two setters, it allows an offense to […]

The 4 2 Offense Revealed With Tips and Strategies

The 4 2 offense is not a lot different than the 6 2 offense. In this scheme, there will be four hitters and two setters (bet you couldn’t have guessed that). The main difference between this offense and the 6 2 offense is that the setter is going to be setting when they are in […]

Setting Techniques Are Critical In Order To Run An Effective Offense

Proper setting techniques are one of the most important skills that you can develop. Talented setters are always in demand and their skills are needed to run the offense. So, let’s get started breaking down setting techniques… Feet As with passing, the first important step in setting is to get your feet set up the […]