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Setter Training for Players and Coaches

Setter training is one of the most critical aspects of having a great volleyball team. Whether you are a player or a coach, this information will help you improve at this very key position and teach you how to work with setters for maximum effectiveness. > There is a very large difference between someone that […]

Volleyball Coaching Tools and Resources

Volleyball coaching will be a lot easier for you with this section of the website. I wanted to create a section with tips on coaching, sample practice plans, forms, and anything else a coach would need! A volleyball coach will need to have the right plan in place to train their players, teach them the […]

Interview With Volleyball Coach Tom Houser

I love to get inside the mind of a great volleyball coach. This interview will show you how they think, and give you some great advice about how to make the team, how to train, and how to get noticed by college scouts. Tom Houser is a volleyball coach in Virginia and has been coaching […]

Beach Volleyball Videos That Rock!

This first video has some awesome defense and digs that are unbelievable! I love a good volleyball dig. Check this out: This next video shows some great highlights and plays from the AVP tour. Finally, for those of you that are looking for some beach volleyball conditioning or workout videos, here is a good workout […]

Volleyball Practice Schedule Customized For You!

What can a coach do to set up a volleyball practice schedule? What is going to be the best type of schedule for their volleyball team. This page will help you set up the best schedule for a volleyball team practice. Volleyball Practice Schedule There are various segments that you will use for your volleyball […]

Free Volleyball Practice Plans!

Need some volleyball practice plans? Then you have come to the right place! These plans will help any coach put together a plan for volleyball practice. When you are a new coach, one of the hardest things to do is to create a practice plan to help your team progress. We have done a lot […]

How To Coach Volleyball Successfully!

Many people ask me how to coach volleyball so that they get the most out of their players. I have added this page and will share some of my thoughts and techniques that have worked well for me. One of the first things I have to ask coaches when they ask for help is what […]

Teaching Volleyball Fundamentals

Teaching volleyball fundamentals is one of the most important aspects of being a coach. Many coaches are worried about running complicated plays or other aspects of volleyball that are not that important. You will help your team the most when your emphasis is placed on the basic skills of your players. As you are teaching […]

Volleyball Safety Tips – How To Prevent Injury

Volleyball safety is all about two very important concepts: how to keep you safe while playing, and things that you can do to prevent injury. You may think that volleyball injuries are uncommon, however, 187,000 volleyball injuries were treated in 2007 alone. Use these tips to keep you safe and enjoying yourself on the court. […]

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