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Core Strength Workout for Volleyball

If you are looking for a core strength workout, then you have come to the right place. Why should a volleyball player worry about their core and have workouts specifically designed for it? Well, that is the whole point of this page.


I am a big advocate of core workouts for many different reasons. First of all, your core is such a large part of playing volleyball. You use your core for powerful jumping, you use it to reach when blocking, you also use it to swing when hitting. It is a muscle group that will impact so many of your skills and abilities. A great volleyball player will have a strong core.

Another huge reason that I like a core strength workout is that players are less likely to be injured when their core is strong. That sounds a little hard to believe, but I have noticed that they tend to have fewer injuries. That is another huge reason to have a strong core.

The other reason that I really like core workouts is that most of these core exercises will workout your entire body. By the time you are done, you will probably feel like you had an entire body workout. Gotta love that feeling!

So, here is a great core workout routine for you to use:

Push Ups with Squat Jump

This exercise is a great one to hit all of the muscle groups. Start with one or two sets depending on your fitness level and add more as you gain strength. Doing push ups on a bar like this on an uneven surface will force your core to do the balancing.

Elbow Torso Twist

When this core strength workout is done correctly, this exercise is a core killer. Your arm and hand should not move and you will be doing this exercise correctly. Set a mental goal of the number of reps you want to do and go for maximum number.

Those are a couple of great exercises to get you started. If you want to see more of what Barry has to offer, you should go check out his Training for Volleyball program. I have seen what it can do for people and I highly recommend it.

I hope these core exercises will help you improve your fitness level as a volleyball player.

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