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Famous Volleyball Players – Did Your Favorite Make The List?

I have many famous volleyball players that have influenced my life and my desires to be a better volleyball player. As I think about it, remembering these great players is like a trip down memory lane.


Karch KiralyOne of my favorite all-time players is Karch Kiraly. Karch Kiraly had a very impressive career and was an amazing player. There really wasn’t anything that he didn’t accomplish. He won an olympic gold medal and he was one of the highest in career wins as a beach volleyball player. Plus, how do you not like his signature pink hat that he wore on the beach?

He was one of the most technical players out there. I remember reading a book he wrote titled Beach Volleyball. This book taught me many things about how to refine my own techniques and how to win those close games.

Another very influential volleyball player in my life was Randy Stoklos. I remember watching the King of the Beach tournaments when I was a kid. I remember his dominance at the time and how competitive he was.

This page could go on forever if I were to write down why all of these volleyball players were influential to me and why I remember them. Here are some of my other favorites:

Sinjin Smith

Ryan Millar (See The Ryan Millar Interview)

Misty May Treanor

Kerri Walsh

Mike Dodd

Pat Powers (See The Pat Powers Interview)

Did I miss a favorite?

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