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Finger Supports Review

This review is all about finger supports and how they can protect your hands from injury. As a middle blocker, my fingers would frequently be injured from blocking the ball. If the ball would hit a certain way off of your hand, it could bend your fingers back and mildly hyper-extend them. Would these braces help?

Finger Braces

Finger SupportsThe first type of finger brace that I will review is the Tandem finger sleeves.

These are just like bandages that will slip on over the joints of your knuckles and act like finger braces.

They are constructed of elastic material and they just slip on over the knuckles of the finger. One box has ten finger bandages in it.

One of the biggest complaints about this particular product is that they are quite small in size. People would put them on their fingers and because of how small they were, it would cut off the circulation on their fingers.

When I am looking for a brace of any kind, I want it to be tight but I do not want it to be a tourniquet. Comfort is a key factor (besides protection and support) and most people complained about the comfort level of this product.

I wouldn’t recommend it. You can read more about it here on Tandem Finger Supports

Flents Finger Sleeves

Flents Finger SleevesThis product is much more useful than the finger supports listed above.

One box contains 12 finger sleeves for your use.

These braces will provide the same support and protection during play as the ones above. However, there are two major differences with these supports.

First of all, they are more comfortable. Most people find that they do not restrict their movement and do not cut off their circulation. The other thing that people like about these braces is the price. They are less expensive than the ones listed above.

For me, these products are all about keeping my fingers safe. When I jam a finger, there is quite a bit of swelling and pain in my knuckles for quite a while. Depending on the severity of the sprain, it can really limit my range of motion and what I can do with my hands. For a few dollars, I can protect my hands and avoid that pain and discomfort.

You can pick them up here on Flents Finger Sleeves

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