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Indoor Volleyball Net System Reviewed

Needing an indoor volleyball net system? I have given a review of this one for you to take a look at.

When it comes to buying a net system for indoor use, the shopping criteria change. Especially when you consider that you are looking for a complete system.

Indoor Volleyball Net SystemFor the indoor game, the net system would include the volleyball net, the poles, antennae, pads for the poles, and the referee stand. You need to be careful what you are buying when looking to make an investment into one of these systems.

When I say investment, that is exactly what I mean. The volleyball net systems are not cheap. The majority of the systems are more than $3000 and those do not include everything that I have listed.

So, when you are shopping, you want to get a system that has all of this included so that you do not have to purchase everything separately which would ultimately cost you more money.

In my research, I found an indoor volleyball net system made by MacGregor that includes all of these items and it is much cheaper than the $3000+ systems that were the norm. Why pay more when you don’t have to? This is almost half of that cost. 

Included in the system is a competition grade net, two plated steel uprights, two pads for the poles, two ground sleeves with floor plates, a winch to tighten the net, two anetnnae, and a referee stand with a pad that can be folded up for when it is not being used.

The reason that I like this particular system is that it is all inclusive while still being very reasonably priced.

If you need to purchase an entire net system for indoor volleyball, this is the one that I would recommend purchasing. Plus, it is being offered by Amazon, a very highly trusted retailer.

You can check it out here: MacGregor Indoor Volleyball System with Referee Stand

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