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Jump Soles Review

How well do Jump Soles work, if at all? That is the whole point of this review is to see if people are really able to increase their vertical jump using this volleyball training tool.

This vertical jump training tool can help people increase their vertical jump. But, let’s face it…like most training tools, this is only as effective as the amount of use people give it. There is not some magical potion that will make you jump higher just by taking it. The Jump Soles will require work to see the results. If you do not mind putting in the work and effort, then read on…

Jump SolesHow do they work? The whole point of this tool is to get you on your toes more often. By doing so, you isolate the muscles in your calf used for jumping and specifically your fast twitch muscles.

When you workout using these shoes, you can strengthen very quickly the primary muscles used for jumping and increase your vertical jump over a short period of time.

The biggest drawback is that the soles are not actually shoes. It is something that straps on to your existing shoes. Because you are strapping them on, it can become loose during the workout if they are not tightened properly.

While they do provide a great opportunity for people that want to increase their vertical jump, the straps do take away a little bit from the effectiveness of what this tool could be.

Many people have reported that the Jumpsoles were effective for them to increase their vertical jump. There is no question that people receive results when using them with their workouts.

Volleyball players that have a higher vertical jump have such an advantage on the court. They are able to hit over the opposing blockers and have better court vision when hitting because of their viewpoint. There are so many advantages to jumping higher that you really should consider this option if you need to increase your jumping ability.

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