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Kaepa Volleyball Shoes Reviewed

Kaepa volleyball shoes are not as well known as other volleyball shoes that are on the market. So, the real question is how do they compare? What do they have to offer? This review will answer those questions for you!

Kaepa Shoes Review

Kaepa is primarily known for their cheer leading, fitness, and volleyball shoes. With this review, I am going to be covering their volleyball shoes and showing you how they stack up against other brands out there.

Kaepa Volleyball ShoesThe Kaepa Ace volleyball shoes are the most popular version of shoes that they offer. What do they feature?

The first feature to talk about is the Dura-Toe support. This provides protection and padding to the toes preventing injury from dragging the toe or front toe impact. I have stubbed my toe several times playing sports and it took quite some time to recover. Having extra protection in this area of the shoe is important to me.

The shoe also has an anti-microbial Agion lining that prevents bacteria and odor from staying inside the shoe. I have had plenty of athletic shoes that began to stink over time. this is a great feature to reduce the odor that sometimes accompanies volleyball shoes.

There are also supports for ankles and arches to provide stability. In connection with the ankle support, the shoe is also cut low to provide plenty of space for ankle braces if needed. I have to play with ankle braces and so I prefer these low cut shoes that allow room to move when I wear an ankle brace.

What is the shoe’s biggest drawback of the Kaepa volleyball shoes? I would say that it lacks the shock absorption system that you would find in the Asics Gel line of shoes. Although this is a premium feature in that line of shoes (and you pay a high price for it), this is a great alternative if you do not need the impact reduction.

Would Kaepa be considered a line of discount volleyball shoes? I would say no. These are a great pair of shoes and they are priced accordingly. However, it is not at the same price level that you would see with the Asics Gel shoes which are more expensive.

My review on these shoes would be that if you are not jumping a lot and need the impact reduction (libero or defensive specialist), you would really like these shoes.

You can pick them up from here on Kaepa Ace Women’s Volleyball Shoes

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