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Mizuno Knee Pads Review

The Mizuno knee pads are another great choice for volleyball players. Although Mizuno makes different kinds of volleyball knee pads, this review is going to focus specifically on the Mizuno T10 knee pad.

Mizuno is a well-known maker of volleyball equipment. It is one of those name brands for volleyball that you cannot go wrong with.

Mizuno Knee Pads

I really like the Mizuno T10 volleyball knee pads because they provide great padding, they are comfortable, and they do not restrict movement.

There is a really fine line when it comes to knee pads. You need to find a balance of a knee pad that will provide enough padding to protect you while not being too bulky to restrict your movements.

Volleyball is a sport of agility and how quickly you can move to the ball. So, when you are shopping for volleyball gear, you want to find the lightweight equipment that will allow you to move.

The sliding knee pad is also longer than most sleeves. Many sleeves for knee pads are 7" in length. This knee pad is 9" offering a little extra protection. There is also a slim profile with 5 separate padding panels around the knee.

This is one of the best made knee pads on the market. I highly recommend this if you are in the market for knee pads.

Best Value Knee Pad

The Mizuno T10 knee pads are an incredible value.  They're great because they don't restrict your movement, they're comfortable, and have great padding.

You can pick them up at this link from and they are a few dollars cheaper than most of the major retailers:  Mizuno T10 Volleyball Knee Pad

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