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Mizuno Volleyball Shorts Review

The Mizuno volleyball shorts are a good option. Mizuno is a leader when it comes to volleyball apparel.

Mizuno Volleyball ShortsThis particular pair of volleyball shorts is a viable option for volleyball equipment. The Mizuno shorts are very comfortable.

The shorts feature Mizuno’s Drylite technology. This technology will help with moisture control. I love this kind of fabric as it does help with controlling sweat and fitting tighter to the skin. I like the tighter fit because there is not loose clothing hanging off of the skin. I like the streamlined look that they provide.

These shorts also are tagless. There is nothing like the tag showing through a tight-fitting pair of shorts. It just looks tacky when the tag shows.

The one thing that might turn some people off on these shorts is that the inseam is shorter than most of the competitor’s shorts featured on this site. Usually, the inseam is 3-4″ in length. Although not a huge difference, these shorts only have a 2 and 3/4″ inseam. It really has to do with your comfort level on the court if you want to wear these or not. I know some people that are more conservative and they prefer the longer inseam shorts as opposed to these ones.

If you would like to pick up these shorts, you can get them from here: Mizuno Low Rider Volleyball Shorts

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