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Erin Gray

I didn’t know Erin until 3 weeks ago. I have a 14 year old daughter who is in club volleyball..middle hitter and is taking private hitting lessons with Erin at the local park district. She has an impressive background and is still playing pro beach volleyball in her 30’s. But what I like about her is the way she’s coaching my daughter. She’s teaching my daughter to be more aggressive at the net and is committed to helping her be her best. Erin has 4 kids and is taking time out of her day this Sunday to go to my daughters tournament and watch how she plays. This way she’ll be able to see how she does with their team’s setter. Most importantly, Erin is a wonderful role model for young girls who love volleyball!

Apr 30, 2010
Comment title: Share the knowledge
by: Danielle

It’s always nice to see someone (who is so successful) give back to the volleyball community.

Apr 23, 2010
Comment title: Great Submission
by: Kevin from

Thanks for your comments about Erin Gray. Anyone who will spend the time working with others and giving back to their sport is someone that I will have respect for.

There are so many athletes in today’s society that do not take the opportunity to give back to the sport that has given them so much. It is refreshing to me to find people like Erin that are willing to give back to others and help them achieve more. I always have a profound respect for people that are like that.

Flo Hyman

by Gerry Standridge
(Argyle, TX, USA)

Simply the greatest woman to ever play the game. She did more for women’s athletics in volleyball than anyone. She gave up a portion of her scholarship so others could get financial aid at the University of Houston. With her, Rita Crockett(’84 Olympian) and incoming freshman Rose Magers(future ’84 Olympian & USA All Time Great) the University of Houston was set to win the National Championship, however she and Rita decided to go full time to the US National team.

At 6’5″ she was a dominating force on the 1984 USA Olympic team. Was on the 1980 team that many felt would have won the Gold Medal had Jimmy Carter not stepped in and prevented the USA from competing. After the ’84 Olympics she played in Japan and sadly died on the court there during a substitution of Marfans Syndrome. There is a monument of her at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Ryan Mariano

He has the heart of gold. He has the determination that he is never going to give up, playing every point as if it were his last. Game point is no more important than point 1. They all add up the same.

Allen Allen

He had one of the best vertical jumps for both hang time and sheer strength of the jump. Not many other players could go as low as he did on his jumps before blocking and get up with that power and agility as he did.

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