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Nike Knee Pad Review

The Nike knee pad is another option when it comes to volleyball knee pads. This review will help you determine whether it makes sense for you.

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Nike. I always have been and much of my wardrobe has the swoosh on it. Yes, even my dress clothes for work have a swoosh.

Best Nike Knee Pad

If you're a big Nike fan like I am, and just have to have that swoosh, these are going to be the choice for you.

But, when it comes to volleyball, Nike just isn't a major player in the industry. As a result, they have limited offerings and they are not the top of the game.

The main Nike knee pad that they produce is the Nike Athena knee pad. It is a basic, slide on knee pad with moderate padding.


For me, the advantages of this knee pad are:

  • It has a swoosh (for some people that is important!)
  • It has a swoosh
  • It has a swoosh...

Okay, there really aren't a whole lot of advantages to it.


  • Not gel lined like the higher level Asics knee pads that I have reviewed.
  • There is only one Nike volleyball knee pad per package so you have to order two.
  • Not designed specifically for volleyball. With a general knee pad, you get general results.

Although the knee pad is priced so that two of them would be equivalent to a pair of knee pads sold elsewhere, it bothers me that I have to buy two. Plus, the benefits that are offered are limited.

If you were needing knee pads, I would still recommend the Asics knee pads to meet your needs. There are better options to choose from even if they do not have the swoosh.

But, if you must have them, you can pick them up from here: Nike Athena Knee Pad

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