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Nike Sunglasses Review

I like the line of Nike Sunglasses that are available for active people. In many cases, these sunglasses are perfect for people who play beach volleyball.

Let me review a few of these sunglasses made by Nike and show you why I think they are great for volleyball players.

Nike Cadence Sunglasses

Nike Sunglasses - CadenceThe first sunglasses I wanted to review were the Nike Cadence sunglasses. I like these sunglasses for a number of reasons.

First of all, they are designed for people that are outside and active. As a result, these glasses will not fall off when you are moving and diving for balls in the sand. I have played with some sunglasses that fall off when playing and it is really annoying.

The lenses are specially crafted to optimize vision from all angles. This is important for when you are using peripheral vision to see the blocker as you are hitting the ball.

The lens has a scratch-resistant finish (which is also great for sand play).

Based on the needs of a beach volleyball player, the Nike Cadence Sunglasses are a great choice that will be durable for your needs. You can pick up a pair here from Nike Cadence Sunglasses

Nike Supreme Court Sunglasses

Nike Sunglasses - Supreme CourtThe other pair of Nike sunglasses that I wanted to review were the Nike Supreme Court sunglasses.

This pair of sunglasses has many features similar to the Nike Cadence sunglasses. They offer the optimized vision from all angles, scratch resistant lenses, and UVA and UVB protection.

This pair of glasses also are impact resistant. For playing on the beach, this is important to me. There are times when I go up to block and I spread my arms too far and the ball goes through the block onto my face.

I do not recommend getting hit in the face with the ball, but you do not want to have a pair of sunglasses that will break when taking a hit. This pair of Nike sunglasses will take the impact and keep on going.

This pair of volleyball sunglasses is available here: Nike Supreme Court Sunglasses

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