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Nike Volleyball Shoes Review

Nike volleyball shoes are another quality option when it comes to selecting the right volleyball shoe. Take a look at this volleyball shoes review for Nike shoes.

Nike is my favorite sports brand name. In fact, about half of my wardrobe has the Nike Swoosh on it. I have always enjoyed their brand and the quality that I get from their products. Take a look to see how their volleyball shoes stack up:


  • Nike Volleyball ShoesUpper layer of breathable, ballistic mesh to keep your foot cool.
  • Durable 180 degree toe drag resistance for maximum toe comfort.
  • Nike Zoom midsole and low-profile Phylon in the forefoot for responsive cushioning, and cutting.
  • One of the most lightweight shoes at only two pounds.
  • Anatomically placed flex grooves and pivot points for explosive moves and traction.
  • High quality shoes one would expect from a leader in the industry.
  • It may not matter to you, but another pro is that you get the swoosh. (If you are the same as me, it matters!)


  • One of the downsides I have had with Nike shoes is that they tend to be narrowly cut and some of their shoes are very limited in a wide size. If you have a wide foot, then make sure you get their wide size. If the wide size is not available, then this will not be the right choice for you.
  • Nike offers limited choices in the volleyball industry as this is not one of their main sports that they focus on.

All in all, Nike volleyball shoes can be a very good choice if you have narrow feet. Otherwise, you will need the wide size like I do. Because I have wide feet, I need to have that size and Nike has limited choices when it comes to volleyball shoes. Even though I own several pairs of Nike shoes, I have to go with a different choice of shoes for volleyball.

If you would like to pick up a pair of these shoes, you can find them from my friends at Amazon. com here: NIKE Air Zoom Feather IC Volleyball Shoes

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Betty Middleton

It’s good to hear you say that Nike is limited in the volleyball industry because that explains why the shoes just don’t hold up for volleyball. I had mine for under two months when the sole detached from the shoe. I wore Mizunos for six years and never had quality issues. I only tried Nike this year because, like you, I was a sucker for the swoosh! LOL. Not anymore. Now I look at the swoosh as GOTCHA! I had to sit out for an entire game because my soles were flapping and tripping me on the court. I’ve now had the shoes for three months and used hot glue to hold them together after my tripping episode, but the shoes just don’t feel right. It’s back to Mizunos for me!

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