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Nose dive

by Heather
(Hattiesburg,MS,USofA )


My team was down 3 the score, 17 to 20. No one was making clean passes to the setter so she could set me. Then finally the ball comes over the net and straight to her. She attempts to set me, I’m on the left side facing the net and she throws the ball like 5ft left out of my reach. I’m known for diving on my stomach to retrieve ground balls. So I take a leap of like 3.5ft and dive for it. We still had one more hit do I passes it to the middle of the court. After hitting the ball up I immediately use my hands to stop me but not this time. I hit the ball and my face smacked that gym floor, chin first then my noes and forehead. I tried to just hop up but my coach was hollering for me to just stay down. He asked me if my teeth were broken or chipped. My teeth were fine but my nose was gushing blood and bruising super fast, my chin was already bruising too. I’m not really one to cry my motto is no pain no game but these were those involuntary tears you can’t control. Coach carried me to the bench and a bencher took my place on the court. My team really cleaned up their passes and we won the game! The girl that took my place saw my face hit the floor better than anyone else and she told me she got that super scary feeling you get when your watching a scary movie alone. lol

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