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Outdoor Volleyball Net – You Need One That Will Be Sturdy…

Your outdoor volleyball net must be the right kind in order to make the most of a volleyball game. You have played on those cheap volleyball nets just as I have.

What has always happened on those cheap volleyball net systems is that they totally collapse when the ball hits the net. Or, that they end up not being the right height to have any kind of a normal game.

When you are hosting a volleyball party, it is critical to have the right kind of net. I have played on nets that were too low because it was a cheap, low price net. When the net is too low, people try to impress others and spike it and I have seen people get hurt that way. The game will not be as fun as desired. The right volleyball net makes all the difference in the world.

When I look for an outdoor volleyball net, I look for the following things:

1. I want to purchase a net system. I do not want a cheap net that will break when the ball hits it or flimsy poles.

2. The poles need to be adjustable to different heights. That way, I can use the system for women’s, men’s, or co-ed height. I want my net to work in all situations.

3. I want a net that I can play the ball out of. The system needs to be able to create enough net tension so that if the ball goes into the net, it is possible to play the ball out of the net.

With those points in mind, I highly recommend this volleyball set made by Park and Sun Sports. It really addresses each of these points above:

1. You are purchasing a system. The set includes poles, net, stakes, and boundary lines. That way, you have everything you need whether you are playing on grass or sand.

2. These poles have three adjustable heights for men, women, and co-ed play.

3. This outdoor volleyball net also includes net tension poles so that a ball call be played out of the net. This is something that is hard to find in most of the cheap outdoor sets. 

If you are needing a beach volleyball net, this set will serve you well. This net is so well put together, you could even use this for tournament play. Check it out!

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