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Use These Passing Drills To Improve Your Offensive Efficiency

Passing drills should be a staple for your volleyball practice. Why? It is the most fundamental skill in volleyball. Everything starts with a pass. If your passers do a good job at getting the ball to the setter, your offense will be a lot more efficient.


Since every offense hinges on the ability of the passers, these drills are critical to master. You can never pass the ball too much during a practice.

Enjoy these drills.

Special Note: The focus of this page is the drills, not the technique. If you are unsure of proper passing technique, please click here to go to the passing techniques page.

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Passing the Serve Drill

This first passing drill will focus on the skills of passing the serve. This drill will be a good drill to run with all of your passers (outside hitters, opposites, and liberos).

The main point is to focus on the passers moving their feet to get to the ball, get in passing position, and focus on getting the hips and shoulders pointed to the target. Emphasis is placed on passing accuracy before rotating out players.

Repeat this drill as needed.

Pass and Run Drill

This drill can be good for warming up players, or for getting players accustomed to passing and moving.

Form two opposing lines with two or three people per line. Once a passer has passed the ball to the other line, they will run and get in the end of the other lines.

Shorter lines require players to pass and move without waiting in between passes.

Pepper Progression

Most people are familiar with the passing drill called pepper. There are a few purposes of this drill called pepper progression. It forces people to work with multiple other people (team building) as well as working on all aspects of volleyball (passing, setting, hitting, digging).

This drill requires three people. There will be a standard three hit volleyball with the person in the middle acting as the setter.

One person will bump it to the setter, the setter in the middle will then set it back to the person that passed the ball. That person will then spike it to the third person and the person that spiked will become the setter. The setter will then be the digger and repeat as necessary.

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