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Portable Volleyball Nets Reviewed

Portable volleyball nets are very useful when you have to keep changing the location of where you set up your net. They are also great for use in tournaments and just playing with friends. What do you look for in a good portable net system?

I look for many different things. I want to see poles that can adjust to various heights (mens, womens, and youth). I also want a high quality net that will withstand the ball being hit into it and also being able to play the ball out of the net.

I want a system that includes boundary lines as part of the system. I also prefer to have a system that does not use the lines of string to put up the poles because people always seem to trip over them and get hurt.

With all of these criteria in mind, I found a portable volleyball net system that meets the list of items I look for…

Portable Volleyball NetsThis portable net system from COBRA is extremely well designed for high quality play, but also for safety. One of the best features of this volleyball net system is that it does not have ropes to tie down the poles, or stakes in the playing area. The result is that you will have fewer injuries using this set than many of the other ones that are available.

One of the other things I really like about this outdoor volleyball net is that it can be used on basically any surface. So, if you play in the sand or on grass, this net system will work just great for you.

This competition grade net will be durable and withstand your level of play. It contains the net, the adjusting poles, and boundary lines with a 5 minute setup time. If you need to quickly setup the court for a tournament or a family reunion, this is a great choice.

The way that the poles and net are engineered, the net will not sag and become loose during play. This is a high quality system that will meet your outdoor playing needs.

When you take all of these features and add in a lifetime warranty, how can you go wrong with it?

I highly recommend this net system if you need to pick one up. You can get it from here: COBRA LIFETIME WARRANTY Portable Volleyball System

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