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Vincere Sand Socks Review

Sand socks offer a great alternative for your feet when playing beach volleyball. However, do they really offer the protection and comfort you are looking for? That is the point of this review!

When you are playing beach volleyball, it is really easy for your feet to take a beating. When you think about the coarseness of the sand, the constant movement of your feet rubbing on the sand, and the heat of the sand, it can be really rough on your feet. These socks are the perfect solution to making beach volleyball enjoyable for prolonged periods of time.

Sand Socks ReviewedThe socks are made of neoprene fiber to make your feet comfortable in the sand. There is a sole padding on the bottom of the socks to protect the soles of your feet from the sand. 

The protective sole extends to the heel and also to the toe. This extends the protection to the feet, provides traction in the sand, and also makes it so that your toes do not wear through the socks. The prolonged life of the socks make this a great investment.

There is an elastic band at the top of the socks to keep them up and to prevent sand from getting into the inside of the socks.

These Vincere socks are a must have in my opinion if you are playing beach volleyball consistently. They will enable you to spend less time worrying about the condition of your feet and more time enjoying the game on the beach!

You can pick up a pair of these from here: Vincere Sand Socks – Mens and Womens Colors Available

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