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Setting Techniques Are Critical In Order To Run An Effective Offense

Proper setting techniques are one of the most important skills that you can develop. Talented setters are always in demand and their skills are needed to run the offense.


So, let’s get started breaking down setting techniques…


As with passing, the first important step in setting is to get your feet set up the right way. Once the ball is passed, you need to move to the ball. Ideally, the pass is up to the net or close to it.

Once you have moved to the ball, it is important to get in position to set. Your feet, hips, and shoulders should be squared up to the target. Also, your right foot should be slightly forward. This should help you stay just slightly angled from the net so that the set isn’t too tight and the hitter can hit the ball.


The best technique is to get your arms up early and have your elbows out. Here is one way to know that your arms are in the right position. If you were to drop your arms and let the ball hit you, it should bounce off of your forehead.


Your hands should be spread apart and ready to receive the ball. The hands and fingers should be firm and make sure to use all of your fingers as you set the ball.

As you are making contact with the ball, both hands should contact the ball evenly. If the ball is really spinning as it is coming out of the hands of the setter, then it is evident that one hand hit it more than the other one. The thumb, first, and second fingers are the ones that will be used to take the ball and then push it to the target.

When you are receiving the ball, it should look something like this:

Setting techniques from the setter

As you are setting the ball, the right setting technique is to extend the arms fully and the rest of the body. This is how you will push the ball to the target. As you are pushing the ball, your hands will follow through. This is how to ensure that the ball is taking the right path in the air to the desired target.

Back Set

Back Set Technique The back set technique is a little bit different than the normal setting techniques.

When performing a back set, you will arch your back to send the ball behind you. As you are perfecting the technique, you will want to do this at the last moment as you are setting. That way, it will be difficult for the offense to read where the ball is going.

As you are setting the ball behind you, you will want to push the ball over your left shoulder. This will keep the ball from being too tight on the net so that the hitter doesn’t get blocked.

Quick Set

Quick Set Once you have the setting technique described above mastered, the quick set becomes very easy.

The quick set is the set you are going to give to the middle blocker. The technique behind the quick set is just to flick the wrists. This will put the ball where it needs to be.

Then, it is just a matter of making minor adjustments depending on how tall or how high the middle blocker can jump.

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