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Spandex Volleyball Shorts

Spandex volleyball shorts are the main piece of clothing used by women’s volleyball players. So, I thought it was only appropriate to add a page featuring my favorite pair of shorts.

These spandex shorts are made by Mizuno. They are my favorite maker of volleyball spandex shorts.

This particular pair of shorts features DryLite technology for rapid evaporation of moisture and comfort. If you are playing in a long match, it is not uncommon to have a lot of sweat and perspiration. I have found that this material helps the most under those kinds of conditions.

I also like the fact that they took the time to make these shorts tagless. There is nothing more embarrassing than having a tag sticking out of your volleyball shorts. It isn’t that big of a deal, but it sure looks better and is more comfortable without the tag.

The inseam on the shorts is 4″ and you can’t go wrong with black shorts. Comortable, classy, and fashionable. What more can you ask from a pair of volleyball shorts?

Even though there isn’t such a thing as a piece of clothing that will make you a volleyball player, these shorts come close. Even though they won’t make you a better player, you will have more confidence on the court because of the way you look and feel.

Pick up a pair of these shorts as soon as you can. They are made available through, a trusted business.

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