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Tachikara Volleyballs Review

Tachikara volleyballs are well known among volleyball players. They have been a long-time maker of volleyball balls and other volleyball equipment. I am going to take a few of their most popular balls and give them a review from a player’s perspective.

Tachikara SV5W Volleyball

Tachikara VolleyballsThe first Tachikara volleyball I want to review is their premier volleyball, the SV5W model.

This ball is designed for use at the highest levels of play. The ball is soft to the touch but can still be hit hard. That is what makes this ball great for competitive play.

Usually when I find a ball that is soft to the touch, it is what I call a passer’s ball. It is easy on the forearms, but difficult for hitters to get a powerful hit. Or, a ball is hard as a rock on the forearms, but it is a hitter’s ball because you can hit it really hard.

This ball is a great balance between a hitter’s ball and a passer’s ball. That is why it is designed for use at the highest level of competition. The ball is also approved for use by the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations). I highly recommend this particular model.

It also comes in many different colors if you want to get a nice ball that matches your uniform colors. You can pick it up here from Tachikara SV5W Competition Premium Leather Volleyball

Tachikara SV5WI International Competition Volleyball

Tachikara VolleyballsThis volleyball is actually very similar in construction to the SV5W volleyball. However, there are some differences.

This ball was designed to be used in international play (hence the “I” in the model name). When I used this particular volleyball, I noticed something…

It was not at all like the SV5W ball. This ball is not very soft to the touch. It is also not very soft on the arms when passing. As a result, I would classify this as more of a hitter’s ball.

There isn’t really anything wrong with a harder ball. In fact, I like to use a harder ball during practices to toughen up the arms and get them ready for competitions. It is really just a matter of preference more than anything.

However, I did want to make you aware of this so that you know what you are getting into when you buy volleyball. You can pick one up here: Tachikara SV5WI International Competition Volleyball

Tachikara VB7500 Outdoor Volleyball

I thought I would also review one of Tachikara’s outdoor volleyballs for my outdoor friends. Tachikara Outdoor Volleyball

Of all Tachikara volleyballs, this one is their highest rated for outdoor use. The ball is made of very durable leather that will withstand use on any surface. I even saw one person using it on cement and the ball held up just fine.

The ball has a nice balance between being firm and soft. This is perfect for outdoor use when you will be passing, setting, and hitting. As a 2 on 2 player, you want a good all around ball and this fits the description nicely. 

The ball does come in different colors as well. However, with an outdoor volleyball, I do recommend buying one with a color scheme that will show up well during the day as well as at night. Then, you can use this for games, practices, and late night volleyball parties too.

You can pick this volleyball up here: Tachikara VB7500 Outdoor Volleyball

Basically, Tachikara volleyballs are among the top in the industry. The real key is finding one that has the right level of touch (hard or soft) for your type of play.

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