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The Best Training Volleyballs Reviewed

These training volleyballs that I review will help you be prepared for the next match and make sure that your skills are finely honed during volleyball practice.

Tachikara’s Weighted Setter Ball

Training Volleyballs - Tachikara SetterThe first ball that I wanted to review is from Tachikara and is called “The Setter.”

This ball is weighted and will help your setter strengthen their hands, arms, and wrists to push the ball further and higher. The major benefit is that by strengthening your setter, they will be able to have greater accuracy on those longer sets and have the strength to get the ball there.

Of all the training volleyballs, I think this one is a must have. Why? Because the setter is one of the hardest players to train. A great setter is hard to come by, and having a great setter makes the rest of the team better.

I think investing in this ball is one of the smartest things a coach could do to continue to develop their team. Take a look at it from Tachikara The Setter Volleyball

Tachikara Volley-Lite Volleyball

Training Volleyballs - Tachikara Volley-LiteThe next ball I wanted to review is the Volley-Lite made by Tachikara.

Why would you want to have a lighter volleyball? These balls are great to use with younger kids that just learning to play volleyball. The lighter weight makes it easier for them to handle while they are developing their volleyball skills.

The ball is also very soft and cushioned. Many new volleyball players complain about the pain on their arms when they are learning how to pass the ball. The softness of this ball will help their arms toughen up without too much pain to begin with.

Since this ball is lighter and softer, it also doesn’t hurt very much when you get hit with it.

Some people use this ball for practicing with their team. Frankly, I think that is the worst use for this ball. When you are at practice, you want to simulate game type conditions and using a lighter, softer volleyball does not accomplish that. 

From these training volleyballs, this one is better suited to training a newer player so that they can get comfortable with the game and developing their technique.

You can pick one up here: Tachikara SV-MNC Volley-Lite Volleyball

Volleyteach Training Volleyball

Training Volleyballs - Volleyteach Training VolleyballThe last of the training volleyballs that I will review is the Volleyteach Training Volleyball.

The whole concept with this ball is that the proper techniques, placement areas, and hitting zones are all on the ball. The colors on the ball are also supposed to help with eye tracking and placement of the ball.

This is a great concept for a ball to train players. The real problem though is that the ball is not made like a normal volleyball.

Many players have commented that the bladder of the ball can over inflate and thus the ball ends up being larger than a regulation ball with a lot of air in it. And, from that perspective, the ball is not very effective to train someone because it ends up being unusable.

Several people also commented on how poor the quality of the volleyball was in how it was built.

As you can tell, I really don’t recommend this ball. You can see some more information and other reviews here: Volleyteach Volleyball Training Ball

Hopefully, these reviews on practice volleyballs have helped you find the right ball for your needs. Happy playing!

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