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Volleyball Ankle Braces Keep You Off Of The Bench And In The Game

Volleyball ankle braces have made a huge difference for me as a player. My ankles have been sprained so many times from playing basketball. When I was younger, I played a lot of basketball and have sprained both ankles at least five times each.

So, I invested in some basketball ankle braces. They worked well and I could feel them preventing my foot from rolling when I was wearing them. I wore them for years and they worked well. I thought my ankle problems were a thing of the past now that they were stronger. Boy, was I wrong…

It seemed like every time I took them off, I would sprain my ankle that first time I wasn’t wearing them. I realized that volleyball ankle braces for me were not an option. They were a must have…

Volleyball Ankle BracesIn fact, there was one year that I broke my foot playing basketball and I was forced to sit and watch my team play without me. Even though I was young, that broke my heart that I had to spend time on the bench because of an injury. Braces can help you avoid not only the pain of the injury, but the pain or sitting and watching…helplessly.

I play middle blocker in volleyball. So, I am frequently jumping to block and hit. The times that I usually hurt my ankles playing volleyball is when I have too much momentum and land on someone’s foot under the net. Or, I will land on a teammate’s foot as I am blocking. There have also been the times that I just land wrong for some reason and it tweaks my ankle.

Ankle braces have done a fantastic job to help minimize these problems for me. I now wear volleyball ankle braces every time I play and I never have to worry about hurting them. I can only speak for myself, but sports braces have allowed me to continue to play sports in spite of weak ankles.

What To Look For:

My ankles usually roll to the inside of the foot. So, it was important for me to find a brace that offered lateral support. This will help prevent the foot from rolling to the inside.

I also like to wear braces that have velcro. I like velcro because it easily adjusts to any type of body. It is almost like having a custom brace without having to pay custom prices.

I prefer smaller braces for a couple of reasons. I need to rely on foot speed and I do not want a large, clunky brace to slow me down. I simply want the brace to prevent injury. The other reason I prefer smaller volleyball ankle braces is because I want it to fit well inside my shoe. I have larger feet (Size 14) and large braces do not fit well inside my shoes.

With these characteristics in mind, here is a brace that I would recommend for any player. The other thing I really like about this product is that there are two braces included. This means that it is very affordable to buy ankle braces. Here it is:

I hope this information on ankle braces will help you prevent injury and keep you where you belong…in the game!

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