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The Best Volleyball Bag

If you are looking for a volleyball bag, come see why I like this one the best over all of the others on the market. There are reasons as to why I like this one the most!

You may think that shopping for a volleyball ball bag is a simple task. Sure, there are lots of choices and they all ultimately do the same function. However, there is one that I feel performs better than the others.

In order to understand why this bag for volleyballs is better than the others, you have to understand some of the flaws with other bags out there.

Some volleyball bags that hold six volleyball balls are made to hold the balls side by side. After you stack six volleyballs side by side, you have a long bag that makes it awkward to take anywhere. The long shape makes it difficult to put into a car, you cannot fit it through a door frame without turning it sideways, and there is a also a good chance you are going to bump into someone with it that way. In other words, it is awkward to say the least.

Volleyball BagThe other major issue with most bags is that they are poorly constructed. Many of the volleyball ball bags are made from mesh material. While it does give an open, airy feel to the bag, the mesh frequently rips because it is not a durable material.

For those two reasons, that is why I really prefer this bag from Molten. Because of its design, you are able to place six balls in the bag without the bag looking like a torpedo that you are carrying into the gym.

The design and fabric are also extremely durable. This bag will last a long time and can take a beating unlike the mesh bags that are available. When I purchase something, I like it to last and this bag certainly offers that kind of longevity.

I highly recommend this bag as it meets all of the criteria and will last a long time.

You can pick one up here from Molten Volleyball Ball Bag

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