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Volleyball Bags Reviewed

There are a lot of volleyball bags out there that you could purchase. Maybe you need a bag to hold a lot of volleyballs. Or, maybe you need one as a player to carry your knee pads, volleyball, and other equipment. These reviews will show you the top rated bags for both situations.

Molten MVB Bag

Volleyball BagThis bag from Molten is a great way to carry volleyballs from one place to the next or one tournament to the next.

I really like the rectangle design on this. My coaches growing up had some bags that were long, cylinder shaped bags. When you had the balls in it and it was zipped up, it felt like you were carrying a long torpedo everywhere. It was difficult to walk through doors, and putting them in the trunk of the car was also not as easy.

With the rectangle shape, both of those issues are resolved.

This bag can hold up to 6 volleyballs, and the shoulder strap makes it easy to carry. The outer portion of the bag has wire supports that provide form and stability to the bag.

I also like the material that is used with this particular bag. Many ball bags are made of mesh material to reduce the cost. Mesh tends to tear easily over time and then the bag is useless. This one is much more durable and the price is not that expensive.

This is a pretty good bag to carry volleyballs. You can pick one up here at Molten MVB Volleyball Bag

Spike SAQ

If you are looking for a personal bag as a volleyball player, I highly recommend this one. It has everything that a player would want. 

Volleyball BagsIt has a ventilated compartment for things that get sweaty like shoes and knee pads. That way, you do not have to worry about putting something in your bag and having it smell like something died in your bag.

There is an insulated drink holder to keep your water cold and ready for use.

There is also a ventilated compartment designed for wet stuff. You could take off your shoes and socks after a match or practice and have a place to put them in your bag without it getting everything else wet.

This bag also has a separate ball compartment to take a ball with you where ever you are headed.

I also like the fact that this bag can be carried over the shoulder, or it can be converted into a backpack if you prefer to carry it that way. Basically, this bag has everything a volleyball player could want. That is why this is the official bag of the the USA Volleyball team.

You can pick up this great bag from SPIKE SAQ Bag

These are some of the top rated volleyball bags out there. I highly recommend either if you are looking for a great sports bag.

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