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With All The Volleyball Balls Out There, Here Is How To Know Which One Is Best For You…

Volleyball balls are an important part of your needed equipment to play. Most people think that there isn’t much of a difference from one ball to the next. There is a difference that we will discuss here.

Here is a quick tip on selecting the right volleyball. Some volleyballs have different “touches” (especially Wilson which is one brand of volleyball I really like) labeled on the ball.

Selecting the right volleyball ballsOne label will say “Super Touch.” The super touch balls tend to be just a little lighter and softer to the touch. Personally, I do not like these balls as much as they are too soft in my opinion. They tend to not bounce as much when hit, and they do not play the same when passing or hitting. Since the ball is softer, I feel like I have to swing my arms to get the ball where I want it to go when passing.

Another label says “Pro Touch.” The pro touch is a more solid, slightly heavier ball. It may end up being a little rougher on your arms when passing, but it gets a lot more reaction when you are hitting the ball. I really like the pro touch because when I really smack the ball, it bounces higher from the reaction. I always like to see the ball bounce high after I hit it. 🙂

Many people ask about the brand and if it matters when selecting volleyball balls. I have used Wilson, Mikasa and Tachikara in the past and have been pleased. Personally, I think the touch is more important than the brand.

Indoor volleyball balls are usually harder even though it may take some time for your arms to become accustomed to them. For outdoor, the volleyball is usually softer as a preference.

Keep in mind that it is all completely up to your preference and how you will be using the balls.

Here is a good indoor volleyball that I would recommend for competitions: 

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