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Volleyball Coaching Boards Reviewed

Volleyball coaching boards are a great teaching tool for a coach to use at practice or at a match. Take a look at how these boards compare.

When I am looking for a coaching dry-erase board, there are a few features that I look for.

I want to have one that is based on a dry eraser marker. I do not want to deal with chalkboards and chalk. Almost all of the boards these days have transitioned to the dry-erase method, but that is a requirement for my shopping list.

Volleyball Coaching BoardsI want to have one that is very durable. The board will travel quite a bit from team practices to matches. The more durable it is, the better. Well, and let’s face it…some coaches may put the coaching board under their own kind of…ahem…stress test. Yes, some coaches let their anger get the best of them and the board may become a flying projectile. The board must be able to withstand some punishment.

I also like to have a board that has a clip or a spot for the dry-erase marker. That way, I never have to wonder where I put it or the marker getting lost.

In looking at many volleyball coaching boards, I only found one that passed these criteria and provided a great coaching experience. That is the board from Champion Sports.

This coaching board has two sides which is a great additional feature to the ones that I mentioned above. That way, you can draw up multiple plays for different scenarios.

There is also the durability factor. This board comes highly rated by some people that have put their own stress test on it.

The board is really the complete package for what a volleyball coach would need. It is a great board that will present the best opportunity to get the best performance from your team.

If you would like to pick one up, you can get it from here: Champion Sports Volleyball Dry Erase Coach Clipboards

I hope you enjoyed this information on volleyball coaching boards. I hope you like this volleyball board and that it meets your needs as well.

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