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Volleyball Fun Can Change The Atmosphere Of The Practice And The Morale Of The Team

Integrating volleyball fun in your practices can make a huge difference with the team. If your team has seemed tired, lifeless, and no attention span, use one of these fun volleyball drills to change things up a little bit.


2 on 2 King/Queen of the Court

For this game, each side will have two players. The rest of the players that are not playing will split up into teams with two players each.

The object of the game is to stay on the court for as long as possible. The receiving side must side out in order to get a point. So, if the team that is receiving serve sides out, then they get one point and stay on the court.

The next team will come on and try to stop them from siding out. If they are successful, they would take the place of the receiving team and be the new “king/queen of the court.” Remember that only the receiving team can score a point and the team coming on the court will be receiving serve.

The game is usually played to 5 or 10 points as needed. This will add some volleyball fun to a stale practice.

1 on 1 Volleyball Game

This drill will require three people. There will be one player on each side of the court and then one permanent setter. The setter will be going under the net every time the ball switches sides.

In order for this to work, you must use a smaller court size. Even half the width of a court is too much for one person to cover. About the width of the key is the right size for this game.

Basically, this will be normal three hit volleyball. Once the ball is served, the player will pass to the setter, the setter will set the ball, and the player will hit. The difficult part of this game is that the player on the other side must dig the ball in order to keep it in play as there will not be a block.

If the player is successful in digging the ball, the setter will quickly go under the net to the other side of the court and set for that player. This will resume until the volley is over.

This game teaches players how to play defense in digging without a block, and it teaches the hitter how to be accurate since the court is very small. Game is played to 21 points with rally scoring.

1 on 1 Volley/Tennis Game

This volleyball fun drill teaches players to use control and defensive quickness. There is one player on each side of the net and the entire court size is used.

Basically, each player only has one hit to get the ball over the net. That is why this is like tennis.

Each player must have the hands together when they make contact with the ball. No setting is allowed and no one handed contacts are allowed. The point of this is to control the pass and play defense.

Hopefully, this will give you some ideas to have fun at volleyball practice. Some of these can be played with friends just to have some volleyball fun. The whole point is that sometimes, you need to change it up as a coach just to have a little bit of variety and enjoyment to the practice. Have fun!

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