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Teaching Volleyball Fundamentals

Teaching volleyball fundamentals is one of the most important aspects of being a coach. Many coaches are worried about running complicated plays or other aspects of volleyball that are not that important. You will help your team the most when your emphasis is placed on the basic skills of your players.


As you are teaching the sport to your team, you have the responsibility to teach them the fundamentals. As your team’s skills improve in passing, hitting, setting, blocking, serving, and playing defense, your team will win more frequently and enjoy greater success.

Volleyball FundamentalsTeaching proper volleyball techniques is what you should place your emphasis on during practices. Use the link above to learn more about the proper form to be teaching to your players.

Practice is also the best time to work on your team’s offense. Make sure that your starting rotations get the opportunity to play together during practice so that they will know what to do during matches.

Volleyball drills during practice should have the emphasis on developing their skills so that they can perform those skills during a game. Never select a drill just to pass time at the practice. You will have the greatest results if you select volleyball drills to develop weak areas for your players.

It is the volleyball fundamentals that will make the biggest difference in your players. In fact, if you watch the people that play volleyball at college, their fundamentals are well honed. That is why they are receiving a volleyball scholarship.

The whole point is that you always want to get back to the basics when training your team. The basics are what matter the most!

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