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Volleyball Nets Reviewed

Volleyball nets come in many different types. And, there are certain things that I look for when I am shopping for a net...

First of all, I need to decide if I need just a net for volleyball or do I need a volleyball net system? The main difference is that the net system will include poles.

These reviews on these nets for volleyball are broken down into both types. There are reviews on both nets and net systems.

Volleyball Nets

Another thing that I look for is that I need a net that is durable. I have played with the net systems that you can buy for cheap and (surprise, surprise) you get what you pay for. I have played with net systems where the net was so cheap, that it broke the first time the ball hit it.

I also played with one where, when the ball hit the net, the ball weighed so much more than the net system and the whole thing would just fall over.

I want one that is durable. I am more than a casual volleyball player. Plus, I do not like "family reunion" type volleyball. That is where everyone is just happy to hit the ball over the net on the first hit. It is more like tennis than it is volleyball. If that is the type of volleyball you want to play, the net system you choose will not be that important.

Since I am a more serious player, I want a volleyball net where I can play the ball out of the net if it goes into it. This requires a sturdy net and poles that can tighten the net.

In my opinion, you need to have good volleyball equipment that will help you play at your peak level. Believe it or not, the net system you choose is part of that choice.

Take a look at these reviews on these nets for volleyball:

Nets Only

Beach/Outdoor Net

Indoor net

Net Systems

Outdoor volleyball system

Indoor volleyball system

Swimming pool volleyball system

Portable volleyball system

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