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Volleyball Passing Tool Perfects Your Form

Volleyball passing is one of the most important skills to master and also one of the skills that is the most difficult. As I have coached players, I notice that many players use the wrong technique to pass the ball. That is the main reason I really like this training tool for volleyball.


The training tool is the Volleyball Pass Rite System. The whole purpose of this tool is to improve your technique and form while passing the ball.

Volleyball PassingMany players when bumping the ball will swing their arms at the ball adding a lot of unnecessary spin and momentum to the ball. The main cause of this is that they over-swing their arms during the pass.

This tool specifically will prevent players from swinging their arms. If your back row defense is having a hard time controlling hard hits, use this training aid to help them with proper form. When they use the proper form, controlling the pass is the end result.

The cuffs that go around the wrists and ankles are lightweight and the elastic is durable. Since the elastic will restrict the player’s upward arm movement, it helps them perfect their technique.

This type of training tool can be used at the volleyball net, off the court, or anywhere else where you have a little space. After a little use from this tool, your players will be earning volleyball scholarships in no time!

I think this is a critical tool for any player. In a volleyball game, passing is such an important skill that every player should learn and do well.

I highly recommend this tool. You can pick it up for a very reasonable price at Amazon here: Tandem Sports Pass Rite Training Tool

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