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Awesome Volleyball Practice Drills

Finding volleyball practice drills that are appropriate for your team can be a difficult thing to do. When you can find drills that will benefit the entire team by working on all the fundamentals of the game, everyone will get to develop their skills.


The drill included here is called Pass Set Attack drill. It is one of many very basic volleyball drills, but the benefit is great. The drill goes like this:

Pass Set Attack Step 1

Volleyball Practice Drills 1This is the starting position.

Player 1 is going to serve the ball (so that you practice serving) to player 2.

The basic volleyball drills can be repeated on the other side of the net at the same time.







Pass Set Attack Step 2

Volleyball Practice Drills 2Player 2 receives the serve (passing practice) and passes the ball to player 3.

Player 3 will set the ball (setting practice) back to player 2 so that player 2 can attack the ball at the net.

Pass Set Attack Step 3

Volleyball Practice Drills 3While player 3 is setting the ball, player 2 will begin to make their approach to attack the ball.

Player 2 will attack the ball (hitting practice).

The coach can choose to have players focus on different attacks (roll shots, power shots, tips, or tooling the block). This allows flexibility for hitters to work on developing the necessary skills. That is another reason this is a great volleyball practice drills.

Player 4 will try to block the attack of player 2 (blocking practice).

Pass Set Attack Step 4

Volleyball Practice Drills 4After the attack and block is completed, the players will rotate positions.

Player 1 will move to where player 2 was.

Player 2 will move to where player 3 was.

Player 3 will move to where player 4 was.

Player 4 will move to where player 1 was.

Pass Set Attack Step 5

Volleyball Practice Drills 5After the players have moved, they should look like this in their new place.

The drill repeats and goes on as needed as determined by the coach.

This is one of many great volleyball practice drills because all you are doing is passing, setting, and blocking. However, it is a great drill to focus on all major volleyball skills that will be used in all game situations.







Enjoy the drill!

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