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Volleyball Practice Schedule Customized For You!

What can a coach do to set up a volleyball practice schedule? What is going to be the best type of schedule for their volleyball team. This page will help you set up the best schedule for a volleyball team practice.


Volleyball Practice Schedule

There are various segments that you will use for your volleyball practices. What is the right mix for your team? I will talk about that at the bottom of the page. Let me first cover various segments and then I will show you how to relate this to your team.


This is a critical first part of your practice. You do not want any of the players on your team to play with cold muscles. A cold muscle is more prone to injury and increased wear and tear. In order to experience the best results at practice, you must begin by warming up.

Most coaches will do something simple like running a few laps, jumping jacks to warm up the whole body, or jumping rope.


Stretching is the next segment of your volleyball practice schedule. After the muscles are warm, you will want to have your players stretch their muscles. Since injuries are most frequent when muscles have not been warmed up and stretched out, you want to incorporate this into every practice.

Make sure all the major muscles are stretched: hamstrings, calves, thighs, shoulders, and arms. When you get into the routine of doing this each practice, I suggest that you have your team captain lead the team in the stretching. The reason that I like to have them do this is that it teaches the team to look to their team leader. It also gives them an opportunity to develop their leadership skills.


You will want to devote a portion of your volleyball practice schedule to doing drills. There are drills on this website for serving, passing, setting, and hitting. I suggest that you use those or others that you like depending on the needs of the team.

The real secret to getting the most out of drills during practice is to keep the intensity up. If you do not try to simulate the same intensity and performance level of what you would do in a game, the drills not do you any good. The whole point there is that you play the way you practice.


This is the part of the practice that players love! Okay, not usually…

However, it is crucial for their development as players to increase their physical abilities. They must become stronger, faster, and more powerful. This only happens through conditioning.

There is a revolutionary program that has made conditioning easier than ever for volleyball coaches. If you have not seen the training for volleyball program, you need to check it out to see how it simplifies getting noticeable results from training.

Running The Offense

Your team needs to have time during practice to play together and get used to each other’s tendencies. The only way they can do this is to do it during practice. These need to be game type situations so that they can experience what they would see during a match.

This is a critical part of the volleyball practice schedule because it teaches things that they cannot learn during a drill. They cannot learn how to time the setter’s sets, how to cover each other’s hitting errors, and how the setter can adjust to the passers. They must know how to do this in order to be successful in a game situation when it really counts.

How To Customize

If you need a sample volleyball practice plan, those are available on the website for you to download. I suggest downloading it and adjusting it to the needs of your team.

How do you adjust it? The easiest way is to review the statistics from your previous match. Did the team struggle with passing errors? Hitting errors? Did the setter not get the ball where it needed to be for the offense? Service errors?

The whole way to customize this to the needs of your team is to work on your difficulties as a team. That is the value of statistics is that they will tell you and the rest of your coaches how to help your team progress during practices. The whole point of a practice is to help you get the kinks worked out and be in prime competition level.

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