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Don’t Let The Volleyball Scoring Systems Confuse You…

Volleyball scoring is done in several different ways. I want you to understand the scoring systems that are used. Since there are different methods, it is important to understand the volleyball scoring systems so that the team can adapt as necessary.


Basically, there are two different scoring methods. The first one is the older method of scoring called side-out scoring. In side out scoring, the team that was serving was the only team that could score. If the serving team won the rally, then they would get a point. If the defensive team won the point (side out) no point would be awarded and the other team would serve.

In this format, sets were to 15 points and the matches were either best of 3 or best of 5 sets.

Setting BallIf there was a violation (net violation, out of rotation, etc.) then it followed the same rules as with the points. If the violation was against the non-serving team, then the serving team would get a point. If the violation were against the serving team, then it would be a side out and the other team would serve.

Every time a rally was won by the serving team, the same player would continue to serve until there was a side out. Once a side out occurred, the team that won the serve would rotate one position clockwise and a new person would serve.

The other method is rally point. This is the most common method that is used today. Rally point is where a point is scored every time the ball is served regardless of who served the ball. Very simply put, every ball served is a point.

A match usually consists of 5 sets with the winner being the team that gets to 25 points first. The winner would be the team that wins 3 out of 5 sets. If the game goes to the final set, the set is typically played to 15 points. A team must be ahead by two points when they get to 25 or the set continues until a team is ahead by two points.

One of the reasons that volleyball scoring changed from side-out method to rally point is to make the game faster and more enjoyable for spectators.

Under the rally point method, your team MUST be careful on their serves. If they serve out of bounds or into the net, it is a free point for the other team. Serving accuracy is much more important for this type of scoring.

That is about it for volleyball scoring. Make sure that you know the rules of these two different systems.

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