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Volleyball Statistics Made Easy!

Keeping volleyball statistics can be frustrating and at times near impossible. In order to help volleyball coaches and their assistants, I wanted to address a section on keeping stats and offer a free download for those coaches that need a statistics sheet.


Here is where you can download the statistics sheet for volleyball.

There are some simple things that will help you keep accurate stats. There are six categories of stats that you will keep. They are serving, attacks, setting, blocking, passing, and defense.

Volleyball Statistics Made EasyYour stats on attacks will all be based on the premise that a player made a strategic hit and intended to score. Without that qualifier, then there is not an attack.

Setting statistics occur when a player passes or sets the ball to a teammate that gets a kill. A player can get a setting or assist without the ball being “set” and it does not have to be on the second contact.

When it comes to serving, an ace is when the serve goes untouched, contact is made by the ball goes out of play (shanked pass), or a passing violation is called. When any of these conditions are met, it is a service ace.

Passing is based on the initial contact after the serve. So, you should have a reception attempt for EVERY serve.

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Defensive stats are based on digs. You will count a dig for a player that receives an attacked ball and keeps it in play. Digs only occur on balls that are attacked. That is a common mistake when it comes to volleyball statistics.

Finally, blocking is based on when the block leads to a point. If the block does not result in a point, then it is not a block from a statistics point of view. When a player touches the ball on a block, that also does not count. However, if it ended in a point, it could have been a solo block, or an assisted block.

Volleyball stats can be hard to keep because of how fast the game moves. However, if you follow the rules that I have spelled out above, then keeping stats for your volleyball team will be much easier and more consistent.

Good luck and happy stats!

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