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Volleyball Training Equipment

There are some very high quality volleyball training equipment that is available today. This particular tool is one of my favorites because of its many potential uses.

The tool is the Tandem Sports Volleyball Target Challenger. The whole purpose of this tool is to give an accurate tool for setters and passers to hone their skills and get instant feedback on their performance.

Volleyball Training Equipment Here is how it works: The target is attached to an adjustable pole that can be set either vertically or horizontally. That means that it can be adjusted for both setting and passing drills.

There really isn’t anything else that compares to this as far as teaching players accuracy and placement. I have found it to be extremely valuable for setters so that they get immediate feedback on how they did with the set. There isn’t a need to tell them to set it higher, or lower, etc.

This training tool has a 30 inch target with a net that is attached to retrieve the balls. That means you will not have to spend your time chasing volleyballs (assuming they are hitting the target).

You can also use this very effectively with your passers by setting the target where your setter would run the offense and have them pass to the target. There are so many passing drills that you could use this with.

Make sure you check out the passing drills and setting drills for ways that you can use this tool effectively to improve your team’s abilities.

You can pick up this amazing tool from Amazon here: Tandem Sports Volleyball Target Challenger

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