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The Top Womens Asics Volleyball Shoes Reviewed

If you are looking for the top womens Asics volleyball shoes, then you have come to the right place! Here, I am going to review a few of the best Asics volleyball shoes and you can get an idea on whether it would be a good match for your needs.

Asics Gel Rocket 5

Womens Asics Volleyball ShoesWhen it comes to womens Asics volleyball shoes, the gel series of shoes is what they are best known for. The first Asics gel volleyball shoe is the Rocket 5.

The gel shoes feature a cushioning system. This is extremely valuable for volleyball players that are constantly jumping to hit and block the ball. Many players have commented how this cushioning system has made a difference on the impact on their feet and legs.

This shoe also features a removable sock liner. For someone like me that has to wear ankle braces when playing, this is a valuable feature as it can accommodate most ankle braces.

The gum rubber sole also offers outstanding traction on the indoor court. Even though this is their basic version of the gel shoe, it is still an outstanding volleyball shoe.

You can pick it up here from ASICS Women’s GEL-Rocket 5

Asics Gel Domain 2

Womens Asics Volleyball ShoesThe next pair of womens Asics volleyball shoes are the Domain 2. This is the second generation of Gel series. The domain two offers all of the features that the Rocket 5 includes. This includes the gel cushioning system, the removable sock liner, and the rubber soles.

There are also differences in this upgraded shoe that are worth noticing. First of all, this shoe has the Gel technology in both the toe and the heel. This advancement in the cushioning system provides more support and comfort.

This shoe is also lighter than the first generation of shoes. I like light volleyball shoes as it makes it easier for me to move to ball with less effort. 

There is also technology called Personal Heel Fit. This means that there are two layers of memory foam in the heel of the shoe. The memory foam will mold to the heel of the athlete for maximum comfort and support.

All in all, this is an exceptional volleyball shoe. It is available here: ASICS Women’s Gel Domain 2

Asics Gel Sensei 3

Womens Asics Volleyball ShoesThe last pair of womens Asics volleyball shoes that I will review are the Sensei 3 line of shoes.

The Sensei 3 is the top line of shoe that Asics has to offer and you will see that it is the highest quality.

This shoe features the same features as the Domain 2, yet with additional features as well. The gel cushioning system, the Personal Heel Fit, and a lighter shoe are all part of what the Sensei 3 provides.

One of the additional features for this shoe is something that is called Impact Guidance System. This technology provides improved transfer of energy from the point that the foot strikes the ground to when the toe lifts off. This system provides a more fluid motion to volleyball players.

This is an exceptional volleyball shoe. You can find them here: ASICS Women’s GEL-Sensei 3

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