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Youth Volleyball Shoes Reviewed For You

When purchasing youth volleyball shoes as a parent, it is hard to know what to look for and what is good. This becomes increasingly difficult if you are not a volleyball player and you are not familiar with what is important for volleyball players. That is where this information will help you tremendously!

We can show you how these shoes will work for a volleyball player and also their shortcomings (if any). Now, on to the reviews…

Youth Volleyball Shoes

Youth Volleyball ShoesThe first pair of shoes that I will review is the Asics Rocket GS.

Many volleyball players love the Asics line of shoes for several reasons. The biggest reason is their patented GEL cushioning system. This system in the shoe actually reduces the impact sustained on the legs while landing from jumping. The major benefits of this system is reduced injury, reduced wear and tear on the legs, and ability to play longer.

One reason that parents love these shoes is that they have a removable liner that can be washed. So, no more stinky shoe syndrome! You can remove the liner, wash it, and use these shoes for a long time.

These shoes are also very durable and will last for quite some time. It is a high-quality shoe that gives you great results in comparison with the cost.

You can get these shoes from here: ASICS JR Rocket GS Volleyball Shoes

Youth Volleyball ShoesThe next pair of youth volleyball shoes I will review will be the Asics Volleycross Shoes.

These shoes are an upgrade from the Rocket GS listed above. The major difference is that there is an enhanced GEL cushioning system that extends into the toe. This reduces impact on take-off and landing. Although there is a greater cost, the shoes have an added level of performance.

These shoes were also designed to be cross training shoes. That means that they are lightweight, and have added padding for support and comfort. The lighter weight will help your player jump higher, and have an increased foot speed. 

It is a great pair of shoes that you cannot go wrong with as these are top of the line shoes.

You can find them here on ASICS GEL-Volleycross

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